Some Post-Golden Globes Thoughts

First, a couple of admissions:

1. I did not watch more than 15 minutes of the Golden Globes ceremony on January 13. Why didn’t I watch more? Maybe because I needed to clean the kitchen. Maybe because I couldn’t bear to leave my TV on after the New England Patriots advanced to yet another AFC Championship Game. Maybe because…

2. I just don’t really care all that much about the Globes. I’ve already said a little about my opinion on the value of the Academy Awards in my Pre-Oscars and Post-Oscars posts for 2011. For as little as I claim to get out of the Oscars, I feel like I get even less out of the Globes. I do think it’s fun to combine awards for TV and Film. Also, I certainly spend more time watching TV than movies, so I enjoy that part of the Globes a little more (why didn’t I write about the Emmys though?). Plus, the Globes are not nearly as self-important as the Oscars. I love myself some Hollywood prestige/nostalgia/history, but the Academy Awards take themselves way too seriously sometimes. That said, the Oscars award fun stuff like Cinematography and Editing, which you don’t see at the Globes (but you do at the Emmys). Still, the shady “Hollywood Foreign Press” and the sometimes lower quality of the nominees (I’m looking at you, Musical/Comedy film category) keep me from tuning in or caring. Much.

Now, just a few brief thoughts on the nominees and winners. It’s nice to see a decent degree of difference in the nominees when compared to the Oscars, though I’ll probably have plenty more to say about movies when the Oscars roll around next month.


  • Animated/Foreign Films – I don’t see a ton of movies every year, so I rarely see more than 1 or 2 films from each of these categories. I’ve seen 0 of the nominated foreign films and only 2 of the nominated animated films. Despite that, I know that the wrong animated film won. Brave ranks just above Cars on the bottom end of the Pixar quality scale (for those I’ve seen anyway). I was pulling for Wreck-It Ralph.
  • Original Song – Glad to see “Skyfall” win just because I’m a Bond fan. Kind of surprised there was an original song nominee from Act of Valor. Less surprised that there were no acting nominees from that film.
  • Best Director – Go ahead and give it to Affleck or Bigelow, considering their Oscar snubs. I’ve yet to see Zero Dark Thirty, but I’m perfectly happy with Affleck winning here. I believe his first film is his best, but I’m definitely a fan.
  • Best Screenplay – Now does this award the actual screenplay, or just the lines that appear in the film? I’m sort of ashamed to admit that I’ve never considered that before. I’ve heard good things about Tarantino’s complete screenplay for Django, but the finished product was nowhere near as glorious as Inglourious Basterds (which lost the Globe to Up in the Air).
  • Supporting – The only male performance I have yet to see is Jones in Lincoln. Waltz is great but line-for-line, he is undoubtedly the lead character in Django. I would’ve given it to DiCaprio who gave his most unique and best actual performance since at least 2008 (or maybe Hoffman, but he got an Oscar nomination). As for the women, I’ve only seen 2 (Hathaway and Adams), but it seems like Hathaway’s year, for better or worse, not unlike Natalie Portman in 2010. She will not be denied!
  • Lead Actress in both categories – My weakest category in any awards show, I’ve only seen Jennifer Lawrence at this point. I’m fine with her winning.
  • Lead Actor in both categories – I have yet to see Day-Lewis, so I can’t argue against him, but I was often mesmerized by Phoenix. What an odd group for musical/comedy! I’ve only seen Cooper and Jackman, though I might’ve given Cooper the edge here.
  • Best Film in both categories – I’ve seen three films from each category. I’m perfectly fine with Argo as I’d rank it the highest of the three I’ve seen. Still, I have high expectations for Zero Dark Thirty. Les Miserables was built to win this category. I’m lukewarm on Silver Linings, and Moonrise Kingdom ranks no higher than #3 on the list of Wes Anderson films (maybe I need to see it again to understand the astounding amount of love for it).


  • Supporting – Is it wrong for me to think Patinkin got screwed when his is the only performance I’ve seen? Is it right for me to think Maggie Smith was the correct choice when hers is the only performance I’ve seen? (okay, maybe she just gets all of the best lines and benefits from just being herself)
  • Lead Actor/Actress, comedy – I’ve only seen (most of the 2012 performance of) Baldwin. Still, I feel like Cheadle got the “movie star” vote. Louis C.K. probably should have won based on everything I’ve heard about season 3 of Louie. I’ve only seen the first episode of Girls (and Veep, for that matter). Fey’s already got 2 Golden Globes in this category. My choice would’ve been Poehler, whose last 3 years have been just as good as Fey on 30 Rock.
  • Lead Actor/Actress, drama – Yes, Lewis and Danes are great, but I think Patinkin was the MVP of Homeland this season and I (like many others) didn’t think the show was as good this season as it was in 2011. It’s hard to argue against them though (especially if you watch the episode “Q&A” without the hit-and-run parts). I’d probably have been happier with Hamm, Cranston or Buscemi (perhaps in that order) simply because they’re on shows I like more than Homeland. Alas, Danes’ is the only lead Actress-ing performance I’ve seen.
  • Best Series in both categories – Having seen exactly one 2012 episode out of all of the comedy nominees, I can only say congrats Lena Dunham (on Girls). Way to be the success (at 26) I wish I could be, had I the money and ambition (and talent, I guess). Having seen 4 of the 5 dramas, I choose Mad Men, which wasn’t even nominated (or Breaking Bad slightly edging out Boardwalk, among those that were).

There you go. Far from insightful and mostly rambling. Still, I thought I’d offer up a little something.

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