Notes from the QB Meter: Ben Roethlisberger’s Big Day

You all know I love NFL Quarterback statistics. You might not know that I keep a “QB Meter” spreadsheet which I update every week. It started after Peyton Manning made the jump to Denver and the Indianapolis Star website stopped carrying their “Manning Meter” which tracked everything Manning, ranked him on the all-time stats lists and projected when he would break records in major categories. As a Colts fan, I decided I needed a Manning meter of my own. Then I branched out and made a meter that compared Manning and Andrew Luck at the same point in their careers. I also made a meter of Colts QBs. Finally, I made a big, sortable list of QBs which contained active starters of 20+ games and top 10 historic QBs in most major passing categories. I update it after every week (with my thanks as always to pro-football-reference) and take a look to see if there is anything notable.

Hence, Notes from the QB Meter.

Having jinxed Aaron Rodgers by featuring him last week maybe I can do the same for Ben Roethlisberger and get some measure of revenge for him deciding to have the best game of his career against my Colts. It was seriously painful to watch how little pressure the Colts put on Roethlisberger, allowing him to stand there forever and throw from flat feet, as if he were “having a catch” with Kevin Costner. He went 40/49 (81.6%) for 522 yards and 6 TDs. And he did it all while wearing what might be the ugliest throwback uniform in the NFL. Sounds like a career day, but was it? Continue reading