Ray Donovan: Season 1, Episode 2 – “A Mouth is a Mouth”


After posting my mostly-positive thoughts about the over-stuffed and under-focused pilot episode of the new Showtime series Ray Donovan, I decided I’d stick it out for another few episodes, if not the entire first season. The previous post was mostly just a few thoughts and then a list of how the show was really piling on the character quirks and the bad vibes. I’m going to leave the list behind this time in favor of a more recap/review style, though I’m going to try not to spend as much time on this as I’ve spent on The Walking Dead in the past.


[NOTE: An earlier version of this article improperly used the word “transvestite” to describe Chloe, while “transgender” is the correct term.The post has been edited.]

Episode 2 opens the morning after episode 1. Ray wakes up bloody from his batting practice with the green-dyed pervert. Ray takes Terry to a checkup where Terry tells his nurse about Bernadette, his girlfriend who apparently died some time ago. The nurse compliments Terry’s “guns” and Ray tells Terry he should ask her out. Then we get into Ray’s fixes-of-the-week. Continue reading