No major spoilers here

Having nothing better to do with Beth out of town, I decided to check out Prisoners, director Denis Villeneuve’s follow-up to his 2010 Best Foreign Language Film-nominated Incendies (which I have not seen). Coincidentally, Prisoners opens on Thanksgiving Day with the families of Keller and Grace Dover (Hugh Jackman and Maria Bello) and Franklin and Nancy Birch (Terence Howard and Viloa Davis) celebrating together. The young daughters from each family, Joy and Anna go missing while walking back to the Dover home.

Detective Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal) heads up the investigation. He brings in Alex Jones (Paul Dano), a simple minded guy who lives with his Aunt Holly (Melissa Leo) and drives around in a creepy RV. Because Alex has “the mind of ten-year-old” Loki can’t get anything out of him and suspects that he wouldn’t have had the mental capacity to plan and carry out a kidnapping. Against Keller’s arguments, Loki is forced to release Alex. Keller, even more suspicious of Alex, contemplates doing some interrogating of his own…

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