In Case You Do/Don’t Decide to Watch The Following (and you probably don’t need to)


I had pretty high hopes for the new FOX drama, The Following. Most of those hopes rested on the fact that it meant Kevin Bacon would be on network television. I’m not a huge Bacon fan, and I haven’t really watched AND enjoyed a network drama since Lost and 24 went off the air (and even the last seasons of those shows were pushing it). I figured The Following might be a chance for me to get back into a network drama (my soon-to-be-completed dalliance with Last Resort just didn’t work out, for either of us).

Perhaps I should have been a bit more wary knowing that this was a show with a serial killer as a second lead (at least that’s what the marketing suggests of James Purefoy, though he gets the “and” credit). Showtime has more than filled my serial killer quota for a while, and though I wasn’t expecting The Following to be Dexter (it really isn’t), maybe a killer wouldn’t hold my interest. Also, this is a cop show at its core, and if it goes for any extended length of time, I assume it’s going to become somewhat procedural. I don’t really watch procedurals (so any comparison you make to CBS’ stable of dramas will be lost on me, the same goes for the Law & Order franchise). Lastly, I didn’t realize that this show was created by Kevin Williamson (he of Scream-writing “fame”) until about a week before it premiered. I can respect Scream for what it did for the horror genre in 1996, but I can’t say I’m a fan of any of Williamson’s work.

The few reviews I’ve seen and heard about The Following haven’t been good, so I was prepared to not like this show for which I initially had such high hopes. What’s the verdict? If you couldn’t tell by the title of this post, well, go back and look at it. However, if you want the long story, keep reading.

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