Star Trek Into Darkness

I’ve been looking forward to seeing Star Trek Into Darkness for a while now. Not because I loved the first of JJ Abrams’ Trek movies, not because I’m a big Trek geek (I’m only kind of one), but because it was going to be an IMAX 3-D spectacular that was actually shot with IMAX cameras (for at least 30 minutes anyway, claims wikipedia). Unfortunately, life circumstances required me to wait over a month to see it and a stupid cancellation of the final IMAX 3-D screening near me (to show a sneak preview of White House Down of all things) required me to see it in non-IMAX 2-D. Oh well. It was still pretty good, and thankfully I saw the “first 9 minutes” in actual IMAX 3-D before The Hobbit, so I guess I only missed out on 21 additional minutes.


As the movie opened, I was pleasantly surprised Continue reading